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What is Run For God?

Run for God started in January of 2010 as a Bible study that paralleled faith and endurance. It’s goal was to take those who had never run to their first 5K all the while teach them to relate the great sport of running to their walk with Christ. Since then Run for God has...

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The 5K Challenge

The 5K Challenge is a practical guide to running and a 12-week training plan aimed at running a 5K while maintaining a Christian focus. Although people run for many different reasons, this book is for those who make God the center of their lives—or for those who are seeking a closer relationship with Jesus.

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Whether you’re a new runner, a seasoned runner, a fast runner, or a slow runner, this study is for you.  Each week we’ll take you through inspiring stories, scripture, running tips and tricks, as well as challenge you with thought provoking questions to ponder.  There are also training plans in the back that will cover any distance you desire.  Use this for your personal devotion or grab a group of friends and start a small group, either way you can’t go wrong.  Enjoy!

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                                                                       Through East Tennesee

PEOPLE RUN FOR MANY DIFFERENT REASONS, whether for weight loss or improved cardiovascular health.  But did you know that running could be an effective way to strengthen one's faith as well?

The 5K Challenge is designed for all levels of runners.  From those who consider themselves a runner, those who "once" considered themsleves a runner, to those who "never thought they would" consider themselves a runner.  This study is for everyone!  RUN FOR GOD is known for taking those "I Can't" comments and turning them into "I Did".

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What Does God Have To Do With It?


Why Do You Run?


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